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As May starts to wind down, June seems very close indeed. The days are passing with needle and thread in hand. I find myself wondering what I shall actually wear myself to Royal Ascot and inevitably seem to reconsider my dress, my hat, my shoes. I start to check if I have some respectable flats (one of the best pieces of advice I received and am happy to offer on), a bag that is dressy enough (but still large enough for a camera (which will probably be a phone), a hankie and a small wallet. And always I need a jacket or shawl or something to warm me up. I loath getting cold and here in England we must take precautions, just in case. I even start to wonder if I will match my husband at all (I usually don't). My hubby always wears a rose from my garden - home grown and therefore we can't be too choosy on colour. It won't necessarily even match his outfit. It gets me thinking about colours and makes me think about what my clients often ask. Should my hat match? Well the answer is yes or no. It can, but it doesn't have to.

This year I will probably wear a Ba&sh dress in black and navy and am thinking of mixing it with a blackberry beret style hat. So I will be navy and black and Blackberry and hot pink...

This hat is so lovely. It has what I call a ducks tail - it slopes up and I love the smooth shape. I'm using a floating feather I have hand dyed and trimming with extra blackberry coq feathers and hot pink silk roses.

This new block is so new I am only making two hats with it so far and one is for myself. It is lovely opening the mail to a new block, especially one carved so well and so prettily.

And so I go back to work, thinking of all the ladies and men thinking about their outfits and hats for Ascot and thinking how lovely everyone will look.

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