After Royal Ascot

So another Royal Ascot meeting has passed. The trains from London were pouring people into Ascot station and the pathway was decorated patriotically in Union Jacks. Temperatures were tipping the scales and I heard someone say they were the hottest June days in 40 years. Usually the ladies are looking around for a last minute shawl or jacket - this year it was looking for a fan. I actually saw some lovely fans on offer at Ascot in their new shop - beautiful natural wood slats and cream coloured fan. So pretty I went in search of one myself only to find they were sold out. Last year I saw a beautiful umbrella - last year they sold out following some rainy beginnings.

What do you think? Isn't this a pretty fan.

One of the highlights of attending Royal Ascot is watching the Royal Procession. This year they must have been boiling hot , but true to style they made it look so easy and managed to look cool as cucumbers. The Queen's carriage is drawn by the Windsor Greys - possibly the most beautiful horses you have ever seen.

My favourite race was a marvellous horse called 'Big Orange' who had stamina to hold out to the finish line. Amazing race - amazing horse.

I also really like the different statues around Ascot. I really love this one featuring a lady in a Tricorn hat. It really creates a glamorous atmosphere.

Here is a picture of the hat on wore on Tuesday. It is made from Lady Amherst pheasant feathers and Sinamay sails on a Parasisal base (the base is wrapped in gold veiling).

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