Ascot Rush

Around here, lots of things are happening. I noticed this week that Ascot racecourse is starting it's big preparations for the big week with enclosures been built and workmen on site. It is an exciting time of year here and everyone is in full preparation mode. On a personal level I am also prepping my outfits and making some hats for myself as well as clients.

On the other side of the world they are getting ready for the USA's big race the Kentucky Derby and this month I was happy to send a hat stateside for that big event. One day it would be fun to attend, but I will still enjoy watching from a distance.

It has been a busy time preparing custom orders and this year I have had lots of fun with the dye pot and managed to style myself my own vases of plant like feathers .

The feathers begin life getting a good trim and then

get popped into the dye pot and come out the most lovely colours. It really is a wonderful and addictive process.

These green feathers have been hand dyed and then made into a mount with other dyed feathers to create an original display to match a dress.

While I was playing around I also dyed some goose spears in the most lovely pinks, oranges and yellows.

Such fun.

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