After Covid and After Ascot

I am writing this post at a place of optimism. I do hope that we are After Covid now and that it does not return in it's malign way.

Ascot this year was a late comer and somewhat rushed affair. It felt very different, but ohhh what a welcome sight to see the people come together and enjoying our local and national racecourse. For the little town, that is Ascot we can't underestimate the importance of the event to the local community - to their livelihoods and indeed their social lives too.

So I did manage to get there two days and it was a joy. The first day was rather warm and did not show any intention to rain. All my bets were unworthy affairs, but oh what fun to finally dress up and go somewhere, and somewhere that everyone else was equally enjoying the moment.

I wore an old dress, purchased in 2019, which was a lovely blue colour, but with accents of deep green, a type of coral and flourescent yellow. The hat was made to accentuate these colours rather than the blue. The outfit looked completely different with a different hat. I really love how accessories can change an outfit completely.

In 2019 I wore the dress with white shoes, bag and jacket and a baby blue and royal blue fine parasisal straw hat.

This year I wore the same dress , with a new larger saucer hat, which incorporates the extra colours in the dress. I would love to know which is your favourite.

On this note looking back at these photos, it really makes me grateful for these wonderful days we spent at Royal Ascot and also the wonderful flower displays they invent every year.

So onward to enjoying life again. And a big thank you to everyone who made this year happen.

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