Rainbows and a different type of Royal Ascot, At Home.

So this week has been a busy one. It felt strange heading into Royal Ascot week staying at home. Here in Ascot it has been very quiet.

But in the end the races went ahead and we were able to celebrate at home. I was skeptical at first, but it has actually been a very uplifting week and it has been lovely to see people enjoying themselves, dressing up and having some fun.

I purposely haven't posted last year or any previous years photos on my social media, because this is such a unique and stand alone event (I hope!).

So given our lead from @ascotracecourse I have dressed up most days and posted as part of their #styledwiththanks fundraiser.

On Ladies Day I decided to pop out my favourite hat. It is a fine parasisal hat, completely handmade and the feathers are from Ascot and Australia. The feather mount was made from foraged feathers I collected in Ascot, while out walking my dog. The colourful bunch were collected by my nephew Timmy who collected while out walking in Australia. The birds there are a bit more colourful. I love that connection. All of these feathers were naturally shedded.

If you like the background, that is courtesy of @ascotracecourse on instagram. I thought that was a lovely touch. Pop over there and upload a picture and if you can make a small donation to their fundraiser #styledwiththanks.

In other news I took this picture last night.

I literally thought, ' I have an NHS rainbow in my back garden'. God bless them all.

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